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Audi R8 // 2000-2001 FIA/ALMS LMP
Constructor: Audi, Germany
Engine: Audi, Germany
Design: Wolfgang Appel, Ulrich Baretzky

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A 1-2-3 finish at its debut Le Mans as well as several ALMS titles secured the 2000-spec R8 as the benchmark for modern sportscar design. For 2001/2002 seasons, Audi introduced evolutionary changes to the car's aerodynamics and engine. <photos by Ryan Hicks>

Bentley EXP Speed8 // 2001 FIA LM-GTP
Constructor: RTN, UK
Engine: Audi, Germany
Design: Wolfgang Appel, Ulrich Baretzky

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A UK-based team assembled to return the Bently marque to Le Mans glory after a 72-year break, using an Audi-based engine in a TWR carbon chassis. Third place in its maiden race made for many happy Brits. <photos by Maison Blanche>

Courage C60 // 2000-2002 FIA LMP
Constructor: Courage, France
Engine: Judd, Peugeot
Design: Courage

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The latest chassis by long-time constructor Yves Courage. A versatile and stable design, the car has be run by several teams with various engine packages (Nissan, Peugeot, Judd) over the last three years and for 2002 an evo version with completely revised bodywork was run by Pescarolo Sport. <photo by Maison Blanche>

Toyota Eagle MkIII // 1992-93 IMSA GTP
Constructor: All American Racers, USA
Engine: Toyota, Japan
Design: John Ward
Aerodynamics: Hiro Fujimori
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The last of the GTP cars. The MkIII dominated the last two seasons of IMSA GTP competition, winning 17 straight (of 24) races. The MkIII's success was the product of brilliant design and tremendous effort focused on evolving the reliability of the little Toyota turbocharged four cylinder engine. <photos by Ryan Hicks>

Nissan NPT91 // 1990-93 IMSA GTP
Constructor: Electromotive, USA
Engine: Nissan/Electromotive, USA
Design: Trevor Harris, Yoshi Suzuka
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A new car to replace the dominant GTP ZX-T of the 1987-1989 seasons. Unfortunately the NPT90 series met overwhelmingly strong opposition from All American Racers' surprising Toyota Eagle MkIII and was nowhere near the success as its predecessor. Campaigned by Electromotive in late 1990 with updated versions through 1992, and finally by Momo Moretti 1993. <photos by Ryan Hicks>

Nissan GTP-ZXT // 1985-89 IMSA GTP
Constructor: Lola (UK)
Engine: Nissan/Electromotive (USA)
Design: Lola (UK), Trevor Harris, Yoshi Suzuka
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Introduced in late 1985, the GTP-ZX was based on a Lola chassis similar to the one being used by Chevrolet for its Corvette GTP. On Good Year tires and subtly redesigned for the 1988 season by Trevor Harris, the car was in championship form, dominating the field through 1988 and 1989. <photos by unknown>

Jaguar XJR-10 / 11 // 1989-90 FIA Group C, IMSA GTP
Constructor: Jaguar, Great Britain
Engine: Jaguar, Great Britain
Design: Tony Southgate

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The XJR11 was Jaguar's somewhat ill-fated foray into turbo cars after several successful seasons with its production-based V-12 designs. Run in IMSA as the XJR10 with a smaller displacement version of the twin-turbo V-6. <photos by Rick Wilson and Linzi Smart>

Sauber C11 // 1990-91 FIA Group C
Constructor: Sauber, Switzerland
Engine: Mercedes-Benz, Germany
Design: Leo Russ

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Although the C11 was an entirely new car featuring the first carbon chassis design for Sauber, the heart of the machine was an evolution of the same twin-turbo V-8 used in the 1989 Le Mans-winning C-9.<photos by Rick Wilson>

Mazda 787b // 1990-91 FIA Group C
Constructor: Mazda, Japan
Engine: Mazda, Japan
Design: Nigel Stroud

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Through persistent development, Mazda pushed their rotary-engine technology to ouright Le Mans glory. The 787b outlasted strong opposition from Jaguar and Mercedes to be the only Japanese and only non-piston-powered car to win Le Mans. <photos by Ulrich Upietz and Glenn Butcher >


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