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Jaguar XJR-10 / 11 // 1989-90 FIA Group C, IMSA GTP
Jaguar's answer to the dominant turbo-era cars was the XJR-10 / 11 series powered by their own twin-turbo V-6. Unique versions were developed seperately for IMSA and Group C competition. The 1990 GpC spec cars are modeled here in both Silk Cut and the 'purple boxes' sponsor liveries. The IMSA-spec Castrol XJR-10 model contains special parts for the car's aerodynamic variations.
02 DEC 03 : 1991 Suntec JSPC kit now available.

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Toyota Eagle MkIII // 1991-93 IMSA GTP

The carbon-tub MkIII was a new design by Dan Gurney's All American Racers introduced at the end of the 1991 IMSA season. Coupled with a fully-developed Toyota engine, the car was an over-achievement; simply better than everything else running at the time and dominated the 1992 and 1993 seasons.

02 DEC 03 : Toyota Eagle MkIII 'Laguna Seca' 1991 (Debut) kit is available.
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Nissan P35 // 1993 IMSA GTP + JSPC

The P35 is the culmination of many year's domination of the IMSA series by NPTi and their Nissan-powered GTP-ZXT cars. Planning for competition in the new 3.5 liter "World Sports Car" formula, the new P35 chassis was developed in both carbon and aluminum form and based around an all new atmospheric V-12 engine. Versions were built simultaneously in the US and Japan (by NISMO), with subtle differences. The P35 was tested and nearly fully developed before politics within Nissan ended the project.

18 NOV 07 : NISMO NP35 kit is available.
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In Progress
Nissan GTP ZX-T // 1988 IMSA GTP
30 DEC 07 : Bodywork parts nearly complete. There's a surprising amount of intricacy in some of the forms on this car; it continues to impress me. Full bodywork "alpha" build coming soon.Bodywork parts nearly complete. Next I need to go back to the work done in 2005 for the chassis and inner armature and adapt them to the final bodywork.
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Bentley Speed 8 // 2003 FIA LM-GTP
13 FEB 05 : Front-half of the car (nose through firewall) has been put through a complete plain-paper test-build. The multitude of curving panels is more difficult to build properly than the more rectilinear shapes of the previous Prototyp models, so I am designing in some hidden pieces to help things line up. The new front fender parts look that they might need some tweeking, but the final chassis, splitter, cowl, roof, and windscreen designs all fit together beautifully...
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Bentley EXP Speed8 // 2001-2002 FIA LMP900
06 DEC 02 : More detail research and studies to refine the top-view curvatures in preparation for the projections the model parts will be made from. Measurements being adjusted based on photos as well as the 2000 FIA regulations for LMGTP cars.

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MG Lola 675 // 2000-2003 FIA LMP675
08 NOV 03 : Started technical drawings and detail research.

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Courage C60 // 2000-2003 FIA LMP900
28 NOV 02 : Interior research has turned up some excellent source (from a French publication, thank you William) so progress should be unimpeded. Having fun now drawing switches and buttons and wires, oh my.

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Audi R8 // 2000-2002 FIA LMP900
23 JUL 01 : 2000 and 2001-spec cars photographed in detail at Sears Point.

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Sauber Mercedes C9 // 1987-1989 FIA GroupC
17 NOV 00 : Working on bodywork revisions and livery.
19 JUN 00 : Model Preview > >

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Models in research:
Porsche 962, Bentley EXP Speed 8, Toyota TS010, Mazda 787B, Jaguar XJR-14 (Mazda MX-R01), Nissan NPTi91, Sauber C11, Nissan NP35, Nissan GTP-ZX, Intrepid GTP, Spice, Lancia LC2
If you have photos, specs, or access to any of these cars and would like to contribute to Prototyp, please contact me: