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Courage C60 Index

28 NOV 02 : Interior research has turned up some excellent source (from a French publication, thank you William) so progress should be unimpeded. Having fun now drawing switches and buttons and wires, oh my. Work slowing down while the MkIII is finished.
25 NOV 02 : Speedy livery underway, as well as the appropriate rear bodywork modifications. Seems all the teams ran different rear body pieces, each with unique aero solutions. Finished another round of bodywork revisions concerning the fenders, they've been slimmed down front and rear and have more characteristic curves about them... now they look RIGHT. More lessons for the next models; make the fenders slim as possible to keep them from looking too chunky. Colors and artwork finished for the Prototyp download version.
08 NOV 02 : 3.5 pages? HA! Completely forgot about the open cockpit... this car needs a full interior! More research then... and more parts.
07 NOV 02 : Finishing engineering revisions, parts sheets layout (3.5 pages?) and livery design for the free download version. Final parts test-build underway, moving tabs and such to get the curved bodywork parts to align nicely without too much fiddling.
24 SEP 02 : In-progress test build gallery, part 2
08 SEP 02 : rear body revisions to replicate the different versions used by different teams, chassis revision for easier building, re-tabbing front fenders as body design is more resolved.

28 AUG 02 : In-progress test build gallery
25 AUG 02 : Alpha-2, the rough build coming together as more bits are wrapped up. Working now on cockpit details and finishing rear bodywork and wheels.
17 AUG 02 : Currently working on rear bodywork and wing structure. The nose bodywork and side intakes are done as well as the wheels.
07 AUG 02 : Alpha build started: have to make some parts modifications for the splitter but the complex curved front fenders are perfect the first time out.
17 JUL 02 : Parts mapping started.
10 JUL 02 : Model design and construction sketches completed.
30 JUN 02 : Technical illustration nearly completed.
12 JUN 02 : Research and preliminary structural sketches started.